The things that make you different are the things that make you, you.

5 Tips To Stand Out As A Successful Online Coach

Feb 19, 2021

Today we are talking about 5 tips that every successful online coach needs to know to stand out online.

I’m not one for fluff, so let’s dive into the first of the five tips.

Tip #1. Clarity.

Clarity is huge. To be successful in online coaching you have to be clear. To stand out, you have to be clear. When you aren’t clear on something, it gets pretty freaking hard to make any decisions. Not only that, it gets overwhelming and sometimes just puts us back on the couch, defeated – binging some show. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good binge-fest. But I want to choose to binge and not be forced by a lack of clarity disguised as a lack of motivation. Because they are NOT the same thing. I truly believe you can be wildly motivated but if you aren’t clear then that motivation turns on you and becomes your own worst nightmare.

Tips for clarity on talking about your services/offers: Pretend you’re describing what you do to someone who’s never heard of you – but you think maybe they might need you. What would you say. RECORD YOURSELF! TYPE IT OUT. Don’t just think it. Okay, once you have that, see if you can consoldate it into a 2 minute pitch. Next turn it into 2-3 lines.

I am an _______ who helps _______ so they can _________ which gives them ____________.

It’s basic, but everyone needs basic foundations.

Tip #2. Relevancy

In this section, we are going to dive into something that maybe seems obvious as well, but I promise I wouldn’t write it here if I didn’t see it all the time. Relevancy is so important. I can’t stress enough to make sure what you offer is relevant to the client it’s targeted for. To do this, you have to deeply know yourself and your client and know what will distract them from the target – which is becoming your client.

Tip #3. Recognition

Use terminology, phrases, images, keywords and slang that your ideal client uses. Make sure you use consistency in your message. The more you build that, the easier it will become for people to just “know you” and that builds even more of the KLT factor. (Know, like, trust)

Tip #4. Visibility

This is pretty straightforward. The internet is a VAST ocean. Now, imagine you’re in the ocean and need to be found, you’re floating there, dressed in all blue, gently whispering for help. Well that’s not going to work now, is it? Nope. You have to pretend your business is blue and the internet is blue. How will anyone see you if you aren’t visible and standing out? You’ve got to know what makes you unique and leverage it to STAND OUT. Get seen. Be heard. Build community. Speak your mind. Teach. Lead. All of the above. Entrepreneurship takes work. *I’ve personally found that it seems to come easier to the ones that actually love what they do, know what they sell, and feel confident in their business, so if you need help, get it. I’d love to help you.*

Tip #5 Unique Selling Proposition

It’s okay to be unique and stand out. Don’t let that high school trauma stop you from owning who you are today and the beautiful adult you’ve become. Haters gonna gate no matter what so it’s time to let your freak flag fly. Okay, you know what I mean. Leverage your uniqueness. Talk about how you’re different. How you see things. Why you see them this way. Your story. Just make sure it’s all relevant to your business! I don’t mean wake up every day talking about all the things in your life on social media, that would be confusing to your audience. When you talk about your zone of genius, and maybe some personal stuff here and there, always wrap it back around to your services, why you do what you do & how you can help. Make it clear you want to help and you’re different because of XYZ.

Last but not least, my bonus round favorite…

P-a-s-s-i-o-n. Passion.

If you are truly building a business with offers that align with you and your values and skills and genius, then you should naturally show up with passion. Sometimes when we aren’t totally aligned or something is off without understanding, our passion gets a little muddy. That’s okay. But you have to know that without passion, a long-term business as an entrepreneur is going to be awful. If you aren’t excited to talk about what you do, marketing yourself is going to be a beast of a chore. When you love what you do and you understand fundamentally how it helps people and you have a structure and a platform to talk about it – you should be unstoppable. This is KEY to attracting clients.

I hope this has helped you gain a little insight today! Here’s the thing about entrepreneurs, we are constantly evolving creators. We are tomorrow. We are the future. It’s okay to pivot and grow. Just find your passion, live it, love it and let it make you some money and give you some freedom, am I right? YEAH!

The things that make you different are the things that make you, you.

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Until next time!

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