Getting high-end clients (into your high-end offers)

Feb 27, 2021

Getting high end clients into your high end offers for coaches - mel ava creative

You might be thinking, whoa – I have no idea how to go about this and even the thought of this topic makes me uncomfortable. That is a-okay. We are going to break some of the key aspects to overcoming the arch of creating and selling high-end offers.

One of the most important questions I ask my clients before we begin creating their offer is “What do YOU think a high-end experience is?”

To some, it’s the feeling of exclusivity. To others, it’s the feeling that they matter and are cared for and given special attention. To another, it’s the gift bags, thank you cards, and the way the service/coaching was delivered to them.

We all think and feel differently about high-end, but the biggest takeaway here is to consider how you want your clients to feel when they work with you, and then how they talk about that experience to their friends and family.

As an entrepreneur building your business, you will undoubtedly go through phases in the way you present your offers – from small, to bigger, to small again, to bigger again, one thing is for sure – you need to figure out how YOU want to position your prized offer, the high-end program, your “it” package.

In this post, I’m going to be diving into the five biggest steps you can take right now to help get your high-end business running in the right direction. Because this is your business and you have to wake up and run it every day so let’s make sure this is a business you WANT to run.

#1: Your Money Mindset

The biggest obstacle to creating and selling high-end offers? It’s the mindset, almost always.

The most common struggles in mindset:

  • Not feeling ready (feeling like there’s always something else to try to figure out)
  • Not being confident that you’re creating from your inner purpose and inner genius
  • Getting sidetracked by other peoples “success”
  • Catching copy-cat fever or coming down with a case of comparisonitis

These things can prevent us from getting started, launching, scaling even the most basic offer, let alone your signature, high-ticket one.

As entrepreneurs, and humans, we often need someone else to help us see past these mindset blocks. When left to our own devices, we stew and brew and contemplate failure and it’s all mixed with still knowing that you can do this and you will do this. It’s a really confusing place to be.

Things that can help:

  • Practice your pitch – in the mirror, on your phone, to a friend/loved one. Whatever you do, just practice. My biggest tip, try to tell someone who doesn’t know anything about online coaching/business. If you can get them to understand, you’re on the right track.
  • Be brutally honest with yourself – if you aren’t sure you are on the right path and creating the right business, stop, go back to the drawing board, get help, just don’t keep building a business you don’t want. That’s like building a house you hate but you’re going to have to live in it. BLEH!
  • Learn about yourself as much as you can and don’t sugarcoat your own wants/needs. If you only want to work 2 days a week from the couch in your pj’s, don’t set up a business that makes you get ready and work from a desk. That’s already setting yourself up for disaster.

#2: Have Goals and Set a Date

Don’t just keep your goals floating around your head – open to be moved around all willy nilly. Write them down. Commit to yourself. Share your goals in your calendar with an accountability buddy or get a coach/mentor. Reward yourself when you stick to the commitment. Don’t just say “nice work” to yourself and move on. Really reward yourself. A massage. A new product. A nice pair of shoes.

Goals are what set our days/weeks/months apart. We work towards something and have a sense of motivation.

In order to set achievable goals, you must:

  • Know what success is for you
  • Understand what you want to offer in your business
  • Decide how many clients you can work with and keep the lifestyle you want.
  • Be clear about what you need to do right now to get closer to making something happen in a big or small goal.

#3: Determine and Set Your Processes and Systems

Test run your offers & client experiences.

I always recommend to my clients to run someone through their program experience. A beta test. Get feedback, and understand how it feels to implement your framework and methods. Take their feedback and study it. See how it feels to run someone through it all. Is it easy? Overwhelming? Now imagine you have 10 clients a month, can you handle that? Do you need to rethink how many clients you want monthly?

These are things you need to know before you become the next “It” coach.

Here’s a rundown of some other things you’ll need to be clear on before you scale your programs and get high end clients:

  • Your onboarding & contracts
  • Softwares you manage your clients in
  • Client interface, how your client experiences working with you, what they see, and how it comes across to them
  • User-friendly experiences
  • The outcomes you deliver
  • The experience you provide
  • The onboarding and exit of a client, what that feels like to them, the paperwork and contracts
  • Gifts, swag, and other luxury attributes (a must-have for programs $10k and up)

#4: Create the Feel & Tone for High-End Clients

Even if you feel like your clients aren’t high-end at the moment, you want to act as if you already have them and be ready for when they arrive.

The minute you start acting like a high-end business you will start to believe and embody that kind of brand, up-leveling as you work. When you begin acting in this way, you’d be surprised how quickly your business will shift.

There really is something to the “manifestation/abundance” movement. I’m a first-hand witness myself.

Some things you can do now to get moving in that direction:

  • Have a client look book, portfolio, or client testimony booklet
  • Have a beautiful website/brand/messaging
  • Deliver high-end price lists, presentations, and offer outlines
  • Have branded materials
  • Know how to talk about your signature framework and what sets you apart in a experience-driven/results-driven way – depending on your business

Want to know more about standing out as an online coach? Check out my article here:

#5: Have Professional & Organized Onboarding and Exit Experiences

What is it about walking into a luxury spa? You’re greeted with a warm welcome, the lighting is just right, it smells divine, and it’s all branded with similar tones, colors, and feels. Then, when you finish, maybe you’re invited to relax in a room with music and tea, or they bring you water or tea to your private room. They ask you about your experience to ensure quality. It’s a well-rounded, high-end transaction from start to finish.

Creating a client experience in high-end coaching or consulting business isn’t a ton different, minus the physical location.

Visualize the experience. Map each step. From discovering you, to becoming a client, to paying, to contracts, and even ending your relationship.

How do I you them to feel? How will you make them feel special? Understand a timeline and set expectations. Be clear on terms/agreements. Have room to surprise them with fun, unexpected things.

I like to do a personality assessment in my programs and send customized gifts based on their results. I think it’s a fun and unusual way to show I care and that I see them deeply.

How will you get high-end clients into your high-end programs? I’d love to know!

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