how to create high-end offers from your zone of genius

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The Different Zones/Types
What IS a high end offer
Facets of an irresistible offer 
Offer architecture outline 
Inner alignment for outer results
luxury program design
Building trust
 Tips For creating your own offer

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nature lover,
city girl at heart,
chocolate obsessed

Melody is the creator of Mel Ava Creative. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, and dog. Her favorite thing about entrepreneurship is getting to witness other womxn entrepreneurs also rise to the surface to claim their place. She loves strategy, innovation, streamlining operations, creating solid architecture for businesses to grow, looking through design magazines, doodling and traveling (pre-covid, of course). 
Mel has years of experience helping other big businesses and brands - mainly in the areas of offer creation, strategy planning, clarity coaching and sales operations. Melody has helped hundreds (potentially thousands, she’s lost count) of entrepreneurs start & scale their businesses into the five, six and seven figure range. Her original background before becoming solely online/remote was helping Austin based real estate companies expand and optimize their assets and portfolios to maximize revenue. 

Her creative passions, high-level business experience and understanding of business foundations give her the perfect platform to help other entrepreneurs in leveraging their genius, optimizing passions, aligning with their purpose and creating offers that truly captivate, convert and feel good to both the business and the client. 

hi friends, i'm melody