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The Offer Architecture Strategy is a comprehensive online marketing methodology that elevates your genius and target yours niche so it sells your online offers. The result? A fully-featured, high-end, client experience for your business.

Let's build an offer that makes you a HERO to your ideal client. 

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You've got a million and one ideas, lots of talent and you'RE A multi-passionate WomXn.

you need *thE* program to sell. the one that makes you the GO-To in your field.

Your "it" program.

only, it's not a trend, it's a household staple for the client you serve. 

it's your PIÈCE DE RÉ·SIS·TANCE program. your effiel tower. your taj mahal.

Creating high-end offers that sell.

I create offers with you and your ideal client in mind. I create offers that will appeal to your audience, generate leads, and boost sales.

I work with clients that are passionate about their business and want to sell effective and persuasive offers. I help them craft amazing methodologies and unique frameworks to attract new business and convert leads.

Offer Architecture is exactly as it sounds.
It is the merger of what you want to package up, propose, and sell & the structure of what you're selling and how. (Your program, course, interactive 1:1, mentorship, VIP, coaching/consulting or service-based offerings.)


This is for you if... 

I get you. I see you.

How do I understand?

I've literally worked behind the scenes for huge business creators helping them build their offers. You know, the ones that sell out and get them client after client. 

Here's the thing...if those multi-seven figure businesses need help creating their signature offers, why does that mean you need to feel like you have to do it all by yourself? It doesn't. You deserve to have something you're proud to sell, but you don't have to feel "less than" just because creating high-end signature offers isn't your strong suit. New flash, you have your own amazing genius. I have mine. Mine is helping you tap into your genius and guiding you to create your incredible,  signature, high-end offer. 

Imagine this

No more buying useless templates. No more confusing lead magnet strategies, or rinky-dink autoresponders.

Just you...and your killer offer. Elevated. Niched-out. And totally re-designed so it works for you...instead of you working for it. 

It allows you to wake up without massive stress about what to say, how to say it, where to say it and to whom.


Your day is spent more effectively because you aren't wasting time looking at what everyone else is doing and thinking you aren't good enough.

You attract the RIGHT clients because you are fully representing yourself and what you have to offer. No more copying other coaches programs or methods, you're rocking what makes you special and the right people that need you are lining up to be in your exclusive, luxurious, high-end signature program.

Guess what, it's not a fantasy. It's real and I can help you build it. 


"Great offer creation is all about knowing yourself from the deepest levels."

getting clear about what you're sellng & how it positions you as the expert in your zone of genius is important to you (hint: it should be) 

designing a program that gets your ideal client drooling and running to book a call is your kind of thing (Hint: you should be)

"the visionary, big ideas, tons of energy with no idea what to do with it" drive you have is ready to be unleashed with real strategy so you can sell your genius, work smarter - not harder! (HInt: you need to book a call with me, like's free!!) 

Yep, That's Me. Let's do this.

At Mel Ava Creative we help coaches/consultants that need support writing their offers. We create programs that are tailored to your business so you can sound like the expert you are.

this isn't your average experience

BUT, Before we dive in, there's something you should know...

I only work with clients that are wildly passionate about their business (or future business) and want to put out highly effective and persuasive offers. I help them by crafting amazing client experiences, unique-to-you program framework, and converting offer messaging to attract new business and convert leads.

IF you need help with offers that will attract your target audience and send a strong, persuasive message, then we’re the right fit.

Offer Architecture

Step one

Your Zone of Genius

We dive into your skills, talents, abilities, past work, desires for work, life's purpose and overall passions in life to uncover anything that isn't aligned and ensure we create from total harmony. 

Step Two

your Magic & The Outcomes

Uncovering the results of working with your genius, what the opposite is, how the client will experience your work & passion and what it will mean for them. Results, outcomes, experiences, transformations. This is the magic you create.

Step Three

Offer Design & Client Experience

The methods in which you'll deliver your expertise, the framework, and all the ins and outs of creating a signature experience for your clients. Then, using that to reverse engineer who your dream client is, what they want, how they want it and why. 

Step Four

The Offer architecture

This is where we combine what we've been building into a real, high-end offer. We go into the offer name, tagline, descriptions/phrase, pricing, the breakdown, and presentation. We build it all into a real swipe file template for you to plug into your website, landing or sales page. 

On top of that You'll have

a fully mapped out sales script to convert and close with ease 

Confidence to show up and be visible because you're the boss

No more seeing what other people are doing and getting fomo 

Content planning ideas, topics, marketing ideas

A fully mapped out sales script, so you can convert and close with ease. 

Content planning ideas, topics and more to attack social media with clarity.

Confidence to show up and be visible because you know you're the BOSS.

No more seeing what others are doing and getting fomo. Now you're on the right path and not getting distracted. 

How would it feel

building so much desire that people are clamoring to buy your high-end offers

waking up aligned, fulfilled, certain, and productive. 

Having Full control over your income. 

Only neeDing a small number of clients to achieve six figures+ a year - drool!

charging high-end and earning what you are ACTUALLY worth.  


"I had no idea what money-making skills I actually had inside, my confidence was low and I was sick of trying to be seen on social media, Mel literally pulled me out of all that and now I'm working with a few high end clients and it's incredible"


"I only thought I knew what it was like to make a real offer. LOL. I had no idea and now I finally have one, and it's actually something I like putting my name on. "


"Melody is fun to work with, she's real, she's honest, there's no weird BS that I've had with other coaches, it's just real business, real fun and real results. Something I would pay for over and over again, if I needed it. It's almost weird how much fun this was, not to mention I'm leaving and I already have interest in my new offer and it's not even launched yet. Literally magic."




If you’re looking for an offer creation expert that can help you generate more leads and increase your sales, all while working in your zone of genius, then I’m your woman!

I have already helped hundreds of coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs find clarity and map out the road to their business offerings.

While doing this, I was able to see what works and what doesn't.

The one thing that I saw really worked for online entrepreneurs was when they had a dream-aligned, signature, high-end offer that didn't follow trends, and didn't change every few days. It stayed consistent and constant.  

The offer that is timeless & trend-less and works in any "season". The offer that truly delivers. Those are the ones that stand the test of time and convert like crazy. Let's get you one of those! 


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I hear you! You will need at least 2-4 hours a week for 6 weeks, in some cases 8-10 weeks, it just depends on what you are looking to achieve & create. 

What's the time investment, I'm a busy womxn...

Anyone looking for a quick fix, not really ready to invest in their business (time/money), not interested in long-term growth, doesn't want to work remotely #laptoplife, isn't interested in creating luxe/high-end offers or programs. 

Who is this not for?

Absolutely. You'll leave our time together with a fully mapped, structured offer swipe file/template to immediately input into your website/landing page. (I'll show you a little about that, too!)

At the end of this program, Will I have a real offer?

That depends. This is truly a customized experienced. However, my services rarely fall under four figures due to the amount of time we spend building this together. This isn't just 2 phone calls and you're done. It's a real, in-depth experience. 

How much does it cost to join Offer architecture?

Oh, no. I'm so sorry. If you sell a tangible product, like makeup, clothing, jewelry, this won't work for you. 

I sell a physical product, will this work?

Yes. It's best you have some idea of the direction, but if not, we can still get you there. I've worked with people who didn't even know what they wanted!

I'm brand new as a coach, will this work?


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If you're an entrepreneur that already has offers but needs more rapid help, check out my Offer Audit -1 day immersion.

- Anita

"Working with melody was beyond awesome but what really got me was her deep commitment to professionalism and kindness"

- Tiffany

"I have a high end offer that makes my business feel so well rounded. I finally have something I'm proud to talk about. it makes a big difference."

- MarLA

"You don't realize all the gifts you truly have until someone is showing you. I am in awe of what we've created and so is my audience."

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