By the end you'll have a full audit outline & REAL Strategy to implement
Stay consistent 

1 Full Day Immersion
-1:1 Current Offer Review & Q&A
-Framework Audit
-Method Outline
-Delivery & Sales
-Direction & Planning

You're a Gem, Shine like one

This is for you if... 

You're already "in business" but it's a hustle and you feel foggy on your offers. 

You feel like you are being overworked and underpaid. yikes!

You know something is just not working and you don't have the time to invest weeks into figuring out what's wrong.

You have an offer you like but you struggle to sell it, talk about it, market it because something is off. 

stop the hustle, find the flow. 

-Mel Ava

“I work with womxn entrepreneurs to help them capitalize on their uniqueness and
build a business that is truly authentic to them."

I'll be in touch as soon as I can!
I can't wait to meet you.


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-Done in 5 hours or less.
-No fluff
-No breaks
-Real insight
-Real Action

-Split day
-3 hours in the AM
-3 hours in the PM
Time to process and ensure you're feeling in alignment. 
-5 days of text/email support following immersive day.

Day 1 - 6 Hours
Day 2
- 90 Min.
Morning Follow Up 
+Two weeks of text/email/voxer messaging Q &A support

Payment plan available on vip Founder & Balanced Boss.
-All plans in usd-
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option 1:

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option 3:

The Light Speed CEO

The Blanced BOss

The V.I.P Founder

Who's this for? The entrepreneur with no time to waste.
Offer Audit Done -> 5 Hours or Less (same day)
-No Fluff -No Breaks
-Real Insight, Real Action, Real Strategy

Who's this for? The entrepreneur who looks at all angles. 
Offer Audit Done -> 3 hours in the A.M. & 3 hours in the P.M.
-All about alignment and getting things right. 
+5 days of follow up support with text/email/voxer messaging. 

Who's this for? The entrepreneur who leaves nothing to chance. 
Offer Audit Done -> Day 1 - 6 hours (2 hour A.M. & 4 hours P.M.)
-Day 2, Morning Follow Up
+Two weeks of follow up support with text/email/voxer messaging Q & A.

Investment is $1500

Investment is $1800

Investment is $2500

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